Elecom M-dux30bk Mmo Gaming Mouse Wired - 10 Buttons 2400 Dpi Hardware Macro Compatible


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Product Description

DUX" MMO gaming mouse that is equipped with the best functions for MMO RPG and allows you to enjoy higher-grade games.

coordinates, relative position specification), and various keyboard operations can be played back as programmed, and repetitive tasks can be performed accurately with a single click.

In addition to manual input step by step, macro production also supports a recording function that memorizes as operated.

It is possible to assign your favorite functions to a total of 12 locations above and below the 10 buttons and wheels. You can register skills that are difficult for your fingers to reach with the keyboard in the mouse and activate them immediately.

It is equipped with an onboard memory that can save 5 button settings and 4 DPI settings in the mouse body.

If you make settings on the driver utility, the mouse will be memorized, and you can use the mouse with the same settings on other computers that do not have the utility installed.

It responds accurately to speeds of up to 30 inches / second and acceleration of 10G, and you can operate the cursor as you imagined.

The communication speed between a personal computer and a mouse corresponds to 1000 reports / second, which is eight times that of a general mouse.

The number of counts corresponding to the movement speed of the mouse cursor can be adjusted vertically and horizontally in the range of 50 to 2400 dpi.

In addition, you can instantly switch the count number during the game, and you can use the mouse at the movement speed according to the situation.

The left and right buttons are highly reliable in terms of high durability, and are equipped with OMRON switches that have a good reputation for click feeling.