Underwater Diving Lens Filter Set 3pcs Set For Gopro Hero 9 Black Waterproof Diving Housing Case (go91)


Rs. 1499

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Product Description

  • Underwater shooting waterproof case and red filter accessory kit for GoPro Hero 9 Black. It is an essential filter for scuba divers who do not wish to use lighting.
  • With a high quality lens and transparent back cover, this waterproof case is ideal for taking clear photos and viewing high definition image underwater. With quick release base and thumb screws, it is convenient to link the camera to other accessories.
  • RED - Professional color correction for blue and tropical water, the red filter is suitable for diving at a depth of 16-82 feet to complement the red color absorbed by sea water.
  • LIGHT RED - For snorkeling at a depth of 2 to 15 feet, the pink is designed to correct light blue or shallow water.
  • PURPLE - The purple filter assists in color correction in freshwater lakes and reservoirs that appear green at a depth of 16 to 82 ft.